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    ​Advanced students need to use and be aware of
​​​​​​​    The importance of collocations.

lions roar​​​​​​​

as they heared a lion roar,they ran.

commit suicide​​​​​​​

she tried to commited sucide but fortuantely our doctor saved her.

a surge of anger​​​​​​​

​​I felt a surge of anger when I saw my broken cell phone.

excruciating pain​​​​​​​

an excruciating pain caused he went to hospital.

completely satisfied​​​​​​​

All of my customers were completely satified with our products.

wave frantically ​​​​​​​

 my little nieces waves frantically as she sees me.

a round of applause​​​​​​​

.hey guys I want you to give him a round of applause

burst into tears​​​​​​​

Jane burst into tears when she realized that her father 
has a  blood cancer.

to come prepared

Make sure to come prepared for your first lecture about new medicines.

to make progress

we have to make progress before C.E.O starts a new project.

positively encourage someone to do something

​​We'd like to positively encourage you to open a new account in our bank and get a high interst rate.

to go to great lengths to do something

she went to a great length to remove all of their barriers.

deeply regret the loss of someone / something

​​​I deeply regret the loss of your brother.

do damage 

the typhoon did lots of damage to our roofs and parking lot.

do someone`s best 

​I promise, I will do my best to make progress in your compan.

have an accident

sadly she had a car accident and she lost her husband.

gain control

Gabriela Soto from republican party gained control of the National Assembly.

make a profit

their company made a first profit last two years.