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I think it`s not too far-feched that your company is going to declar bankruptcy.

غیر قابل باور 

به طور ناگهانی  

all of a sudden

As Jane was driving too fast all of a sudden she felt her car became out of control and she was not able to reduce the speed.

فهمیدم، متوجه شدم

it dawned on me

when I saw my friend`s brother posted " happy bitrth day to YOU" 
it dawned on me today is John`s birthday. 

به کسی زیاد توجه کردن 

shower somebody with attention

As I remember your parents showered you with attention. it might cause 
you as an adult feel that you are not strong enough in your life.


My wife and I had to pay all of debts when we started our own business 
​​​​​​​that was a bummer for both of us moreover our first child had blood cancer.

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