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A Holiday

Tomorrow is Sunday. John isn`t going to work tomorrow. Sunday is a holiday. He is going to relax and spend a quiet morning at home.
He is going to get up late. Then he is going to shave and take a shower. After that, he is going to brush his teeth and get dressed. He is going to have a big breakfast: a glass of apple juice , five eggs, a lot of jam and butter, three cups of tea and some bread.
For lunch, John is going to go to his parents`. His mother is going to cook his favorite dish for him. In the afternoon, he is going to watch the soccer game on television until five o`clock. Tomorrow is going to be a very enjoyable day for him. John is very glad that there are holidays.​
​​​​​​​written by Hamid Gharebaghi


1. Is John going to get late tomorrow?
2. What is John going to do first after he gets up?
3. What is John going to have for breakfast?
4. Where is John going for lunch?
5. What is John going to do in the afternoon?​​​​​​​

A. Answer the following question.

Tomorrow, John is going to -------------------

B. Choose the correct answer.

In the afternoon, John is going to ----------------
a.Go to the soccer game
b.Watch the soccer game on television
c. See a movie

In the afternoon, John is not going to ----------------
a.       Get up late
b.      Work in the morning
c.       Have a big breakfast


High- Intermediate


Perhaps scientists can conquer the natural disasters in the future. But we have many things to unearth. First we need to know what the flood is, when a huge amount of water can cover an area where is usually is dry unexpectedly we call it as “flood”. Maybe you guess repeated heavy rains trigger burst of water and that`s true but the quick melting of unusual amount of snow can lead to the them. When we have huge body of water in the rivers or canals the rivers might overflow their banks and this might cause tremendously destructive damage. Some countries such as: Egypt, floods happen regularly every year and people who inhabit this African country have the knowledge how to control them with building high, and create more channels regarding the water to flow along.
Some countries where the above mentioned natural disaster occurs unexpectedly such as:  the countries ranging from China to India we have widespread destruction and unfortunately it ends in dreadful loss of life. As you know the floods are absolutely horrible especially in no high areas in view to not having any sites for people and other creatures like birds and animals left to flee unfortunate animals and people look for any debris to cling, probably you have no idea but the floods bear away even the professional swimmers too.

Floods as if are potentially a big threat to the earthling and our civilizations like an enemy who forces its way to occupies a place. If you encounter floods what would be your initial reaction to this calamity. Would you leave behind your whereabouts or resist against it. Whatever it is we are a part of the nature and we should respect to the mother of nature. Deforestation, expending the farm fields, hulk up the green house gases intensify the times of this tragic occurrence.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​written by Hamid Gharebaghi.

 Answer the following question.

1.       What causes floods?
2.       How can we avoid floods?
3.       Which areas are better to escape when a flood happens?
4.       Is a flood a small threat?
5.       What season does the flood occur and why?